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Everything You Need Under One Woof.

Our Goal

Our number one goal is to minimise the amount of dogs that end up in shelters or euthanised. Both of which are a permanent, unnecessary solution to a temporary, fixable problem. We aim to be a better solution for both you and your dog.

Dog Training

Whether you need a long term issue resolved, want to teach your old dog a new trick, or get off to a great start with your new puppy, we can help. We use a wide array of training methods, techniques and philosophies to suit every dog, every behaviour and every owner.

Dog Walking

Rain, hail or shine your dog NEEDS their  daily exercise. One of our walkers will give your dog a fantastic adventure either in their favourite park or somewhere new and exciting.

Pet sitting/boarding

Whether your cats need someone to visit them while you’re away, or your dog needs a holiday, our famously loving pet care will help you to relax with peace of mind during your time away from home. We make visits to all creatures, feathered, scaled or furry.

About Us

Owned and operated by dog behaviour and training expert Max O’Neill, Down Under Dog Trainer is your last stop for your dogs behavioural problems. Whether you have  a young, excitable puppy or an older dog with some bad habits, we have the tools, know-how and techniques to work with any dog and situation. We routinely put a stop to leash pulling, mouthing and nipping, excessive barking, resource guarding, poor recall, OCD behaviours, leash reactivity, unnecessary nervousness, door rushing, running away, aggression, separation anxiety and many other negative behaviours. 

Why are we different?  Our wide variety of techniques and methodology   makes it simple for you to communicate with your dog clearly and effectively, without resorting to bribery.

Happy Dogs

Untrainable Dogs

Satisfied Customers

Years in Service

“Max is an amazing dog trainer! I’ve seen the difference he’s made to the behaviour of many dogs, he truly has a great way of getting the best out of them! He also helps train you to be a good dog owner too! He gives you the tools to help communicate with your dog in a way they understand so you get the whole package with Max! Wouldn’t recommend anyone else!”

Fiona Weston

Bailey & Hudson , 6 & 4 year old Golden Retrievers.

“Max and his team are such wonderful people to us as clients and our dog Shreck. Shreck has come such a long way since max has taken over his walks, we feel completely at ease when we go on holiday to no that Shreck is in the best care and we no that we can go out for the day and Max will let himself in and take Shreck out taking good care of him and making sure the house is locked up after. We would all be lost with out Max and Maddie helping us out with Shreck.”

Marie Morris

Shreck, 8 year old Male German Shepherd.

Max and his team are so cool they put us at ease and helped us allow our boy to interact with other dogs which terrifies us! We were dreading training him but are now looking forward to our sessions with them. They help to train people as well as dogs! Would recommend them without a doubt. 

We are both astounded at the difference you’ve made not just in Alfie, but in the both of us. The confidence you’ve instilled in us is honestly something I never thought I’d see walking Alfie. He’s a much happier dog.

Dave & Lindsey Wadge

Alfie, 9 year old Male Mixed Breed.