Exercise helps to reduce stress and anxiety in dogs

Exercise for your dog is very important. Before speaking about the benefits of exercise, we should first understand, why dogs need exercise. Dogs were bred to serve a purpose for humans which span from hunting to herding, retrieving to protecting. Before that they had to use large quantities of energy to travel and hunt. These genes are still deeply embedded in our domesticated pets even today. As owners, it is our responsibility to channel the genetic need to work through exercise, personal growth and development. In general your life will be better by exercising your dog.

You’re going to get more exercise yourself which is always a plus. You’ll also find that you’re more social with other people, getting outdoors more, and being active contributes to a better overall mood and vitality.

Exercise can help avoid behavioral issues. Everyone wants to have that perfectly disciplined dog. The reality is that there is a road in process to reach that level of obedience. Exercising your dog must be part of this process.

If you want to work on training your dog, even basic commands, always begins with an exercise session, your best friend will love you for it. Make sure to use high value training treats with low calorie.

Dogs need us as they rely on us for food, shelter, safety guidance and the list goes on. It’s up to us as owners to provide what’s best for our dogs, and exercise is what’s best.

You can actually save money! Having any kind of pet can be expensive. That’s why it’s imperative to exercise your pet to avoid spending lots of money on vet bills that could have been prevented. You can save yourself the headache and fortune by choosing a more sustainable approach with your dog by establishing an exercise routine.

Your dog will be better socialized with other humans and dogs. Getting outdoors with your dog exposes them to other dogs and humans makes them less likely to develop bad behaviors.