About Us

How It All Began

Hi, I’m Max, the founding owner and head trainer at Down Under Dog Trainer.
Having grown up around dogs and always being able to easily connect with, and understand them, I was sure I wanted to work with dogs from a young age.  It wasn’t until I visited a shelter and saw how many dogs were put up for adoption that I realised what area of dog training I wanted to work in. It was a case of serendipity that led me to wanting to be a dog trainer of the people. Sharing my knowledge and experience with everyday people such as myself, and helping them to better understand their dog in order for them to have a healthier and longer lasting relationship. I find working with a dog who’s owners thought they were a lost cause, and changing their lives to be the most rewarding thing of all.

My Training 

Philosophy & Methods

My training philosophy is that every dog, every situation and every owner is completely different, and therefore, there isn’t a cookie cutter approach or method that can be applied to every case. With that being said, I employ techniques and methods from an abundance of different areas. Whether it’s from my course, other dog trainers or real world experience, as long as a method or technique isn’t cruel, I’m always open to trying it out because you never know when it might be just the right thing for the right dog at the right time. I’m not religious with or exclusive to one particular method of dog training, as there simply isn’t one method that works in every situation. So whether you want your dog trained to a click, whistle, hand signal or have them stop attacking the mail man, I’m your guy.