Our Pricing

Behaviour Modification

1 Hour Private Session 
Work On Any Issue
Location of Your Choice

These sessions are perfect if your dog is exhibiting problems with their behaviour that need addressing.

$280 – 1 session + 1 follow up
A great starting place if you’re not sure where to go from here.

$480 – 3 sessions
Perfect for solving basic behaviour problems such as barking, digging, chewing and jumping.

$720 – 5 sessions
Necessary for more intense issues such as aggression/reactivity issues, anxiety based behaviours or separation related behaviours.

All prices include 10% GST

Obedience Training

1 Hour Private Session
Work On Your Dogs Obedience
Location of Your Choice

If you want your dog to start listening and stop ignoring, you need professional obedience training.

$120 – 1 session
Perfect for the dog who just needs a little polishing or a taster for their owner.

$320 – 3 sessions
We can get a lot covered here, perfect if you have a small list of things you want to work through and improve on.

$480 – 5 sessions
If your dog needs to be properly trained because they just don’t listen, then this is the best package for you.

All prices include 10% GST 

Pro Pups Academy

Pro Pups Academy will give your dog the BEST possible start in life. There’s nothing else like it out there! It’s a one of a kind program. We’ll teach them to be confident, to love training and a ton of useful training. Each session will focus on 3 components: Obedience, Exposure and Life Skills. This is THE best way to socialise your dog and set them up for a problem free life.

Learn How To Train Your Dog Properly
Learn the methods that I use to train my own dogs

ALL of Your Questions Answered
Each session will have a dedicated Q&A component to deal with home behaviour. We don’t just teach your dog to sit and shake.

5 x Indoor Class Sessions
5 x Real World Sessions

24/7 Support
Phone | Message | Email

$440 For The Entire Program

Be THAT Person With The Best Behaved Puppy That You Can Take Anywhere

All prices include 10% GST

Pet Sitting/Boarding & Dog Walking

Our prices for pet sitting/boarding and dog walking will vary based on the pets behaviour, duration of the stay, your location and length of the walk. We do this to ensure that everyone gets a fair price based on their situation. Please get in touch by either phone or email for a quote on either walking or sitting/boarding.

Pet Requirements

must have up-to-date ID tags

If booking pet sitting/boarding your pet must have their ID tags up to date with your true and correct contact details.

Must be already vaccinated

Your pet must be up to date with all of their necessary vaccinations and we may ask you to produce evidence of this

Dogs must be people and other dog friendly

If your pet will be boarding with us they must be friendly towards new people and new dogs. If we’re going to be sitting at your house with the pet they must be friendly towards our staff and we must be informed of their sociability with other animals.