Our Services

 Private Dog Training

Whether you need a behaviour problem addressed, want to teach your old dog a new trick, or get off to a great start with your new puppy, we can help. We use a wide array of training methods, techniques and philosophies to suit every dog, every behaviour and every owner. We offer private sessions that can be run in home or at any of our designated public training locations.

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Group Dog Training

We offer a variety of group classes for all ages and training levels. You can give your pup the BEST possible start to life with our Pro Pups Academy Program, you and your dog can take a 90 minute deep dive with us in our Rock Solid Recall & Loose Lead Walking Workshops, or attend our group obedience classes for all levels (coming soon!).

House & Pet Sitting

If your pets need someone to stay with them while you’re away, we can help. Don’t send them away to a boarding kennel, leave them in the comfort of their own home with our experienced and caring staff who’ll provide them with as much love and care as they’re used too. Most importantly, our staff will implement the same routine your pet is used too. We make visits to all creatures; feathered, scaled or furry.

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